About Us

release time:2014-09-17 05:18:59

Jincheng library focuses on digitalization construction, highlights self-help service construction, and characterizes local cultural construction. Our library serves not only as a public library, but also as a university library providing teaching and academic support to the teachers and students of the Vocational and Technical College. 

Jincheng library has a gross floor area of 15,241 square meters, a designed collection of 600,000 to 1,000,000 books, and 1,089 reading seats. Currently, the library holds 580,000 books and over 1,000 kinds of newspapers and periodicals. Besides a public learning space, the library also provides access to rich digital resources, such as China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), reference books database, superstar e-books and academic videos database, Wanfang videos database, Beijing Founder Apabi e-books, Bookan database, and children's digital resources.

Jincheng library is equipped with modern facilities, such as an advanced RFID technology, a full self-help system assisting with library card applications, search, circulation, and print-copy services, modern reading terminals like electronic newspaper and periodical readers and e-books readers, 24-hour outdoor self-help library, and a free full coverage wifi service.

Jincheng library harmonizes reading and leisure by setting up a separate leisure area of different styles on each floor, where readers can enjoy reading in a relaxing environment.

The ultimate goal of Jincheng library is to achieve “national recognition, provincial top-ranking, highlighted characteristics and public satisfaction”. Our library will strive to create a quality learning and leisure environment to promote the construction of a civilized, learning and smart city.